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Offset Your Water Usage

Protecting the environment is important to us. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with Terrapass, a leader in carbon offsets and renewable energy solutions, to empower our customers with water use offsets at a low monthly rate.


Why Water Restoration is Important

Clean water is a universal need for all living things. Unfortunately, global climate change, pollution, and destruction of ecosystems pose a risk to this vital resource. By funding high-quality water projects, we can each do our part to balance our water footprint.

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What are BEF Water Restoration Certificates®?

Thanks to our partnership with Terrapass, we are able to offer Water Restoration Certificates® from BEF, an organization that supports high-quality water restoration projects focused on restoring streams and rivers, improving ecosystems, and conserving water efficiently.

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1 Water Restoration

Certificate (WRC)

Water Restoration Certificate Icon

1,000 Gallons Of

Water Improved

To Benefit people and nature

Third-party verified by Watercourse Engineering and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Tracked and registered on Markit to ensure no double-counting

Restore Streams And Rivers Icon | Clean Water

Restore Flows

Helps secure legal agreements to keep water in streams and rivers. Protects water to ensure environmental and social benefits.

Restore Natural Systems Icon | Hydrology | Clean Water

Restore Natural Systems

Supports interventions to return freshwater systems to their natural functions (or hydrology). Provides cleaner, more abundant water and improves habitat in meadows.

Improve Water Efficiency Icon | Conservation | Clean Water

Improve Efficiency

Helps improve conservation to use water more efficiently in cities or on farms. Modernizes outdated systems to stop leaks and wasted water.

Projects we're Funding

Your subscription helps fund carefully selected and certified water restoration projects throughout North America.

Animals In River Habitat


The project will provide 2,000 acres of crucial habitat annually for 3 years, achieving 1/6 of the Central Valley Joint Venture's goal for spring wetland habitat.
Mossy Forest Stream River


The project implements agricultural best practices to restore riparian zone, reduce nutrient runoff, and improve spring flow and overall ecological condition.
Clean Mountain River

Middle Deschutes

New solutions have been developed to restore over 115 cubic feet per second of flow to the Middle Deschutes during the summer months.
River In Forest


This project permanently restores flows to a 5-mile section of the Little Cimarron River that is severely dewatered each year during late summer.

Ready to Start? Sign up Now!

Help restore the balance and offset your personal water footprint with a monthly BEF Water Restoration Certificate® subscription. Together we can make a difference and help secure a clean water future for all.

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